Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide! The costs will be calculated at checkout.

Where are you located?

We’re located in the Netherlands.


How long does it take before it is shipped?

We ship within 10-15 workingdays. This means we start counting the day after you order and Dutch holidays and weekends don’t count.


What’s the difference between a Valhalla Mask and a Loki Mask?

The Valhalla Mask sits below the nose, the Loki Mask covers the nose (with both mesh and fabric).

What’s the difference between a SUMMER and a regular mask?

The regular masks are a cotton blend. The SUMMER mask is a viscose blend which make it a thin woven fabric and with that a more breathable facepro.


Are there other colors available than shown on the website?

No, all we have to offer is online. We are always looking for new colors tho.


Can you make a full camo mask?

No, we haven’t found the right camomaterial for this.


Can you speed up my order?

No, the people who ordered before you are just as anxious and excited to receive their ordered products.


Can you make other modifications like adding/stitching a logo?

No, at the moment we can’t.


Can we meet you?

Keep an eye out on our instagram. We always post a story when we go to a skirm or an other event.


Do you sell in stores / is b2b possible?

We are a 2 man company who handmake each and every mask. So sadly we don’t have the capacity to start selling in stores (b2b).


Do you offer sponsorships?

Yes, we personally pick/ask people who we believe are a big asset to our company. People who are fair players and uphold our company values.


I have an idea for a (new) product, can I pitch it?

Ofcourse, we’re always open for feedback and new ideas. Feel free to send us a mail via the contact link on this website.


My parcel hasn’t moved, can you help me?

Sometimes parcels don’t get scanned correctly or are (sadly) in a long line at customs. If your parcel hasn’t moved for over 3 weeks we can start an investigation. Before that the curriers won’t be able to give more information than the tracking link provides.