Valhalla Mask

Dear Valhalla Mask customer,


We need you to know that we understand your frustration and disappointment about out communication and lead time. This is not how we wish to run our company and were doing our best to fix everything.


We have created a new email address to make sure you’ll all get the answer you asked for. We ask you to resend your previous email to so we have a new oversite on whatever communication we have missed.


Do to some heavy circumstances we haven’t been able to work as fast as we used to. Since we are very behind were not able to guaranty a lead time of a certain amount. We will however make sure you’ll all get  your ordered masks! We hope for your understanding and patients.


We will get back to the resend emails to the new address within 3 days.


Kind regards, 

Dave and Eef
Team Valhalla Mask


Better to die in battle with honor,
than to live in shame because you did not defend your people.

- Bjarnar saga Hítdaelakappa -